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"Solar Home went the distance and then some. Our 66 panel system was priced to be competitive and yields a 12.5 % annual return on our investment.

That is better than our sorry "Wall Street" 401k has done in the last 10years....

It added value to our home for a fraction of the cost, thanks to the governments tax credits and local rebates, and it just feels good to just watch the electric meter run backwards."
Bruce J.
Fremont, California


The Inverter That You Choose Can Make All The Difference In The World !

Choosing the right brand of solar panels for your system is important but not nearly as important as choosing the right inverter technology. Installing an inverter with a lower efficiency rating or an inverter that's rated at a lower wattage than the solar panel you're installing can not only result in a reduced rebate but can also cost you thousands of dollars in lost potential power output over the life of your solar system.

SolarEdge addresses both of these issues by first offering a 97.5% CEC efficiency rating, the highest 240 volt single phase inverter on the market and second by offering a much higher power rating than some of the most popular micro inverters on the market.

SolarEdge's Unique State Of The Art Design Offers:

1. Up to a 25% increase in power harvest when compared to conventional grid tie inverters.

2. Superior partial shade protection than typical micro inverters.

3. No separate communications gateway to buy. SolarEdge offers Internet based individual solar panel performance monitoring built right in.

4. Arc fault protection built-in.

5. No expensive cables to buy. Unlike typical micro inverter system SolarEdge uses off the shelf inexpensive cabling.

And SolarEdge actually costs less than typical micro inverter systems which further enhances your return on investment.

In many areas of the U.S., when combining SolarEdge's higher efficiency rating and lower cost per watt with available cash rebates and the 30% federal tax credit, your return on investment can be well under 3 years.

Higher performance for a lower cost per watt.

Triple 25 Year Warranty

Our Extreme Series SolarEdge Mitsubishi Electric high performance solar systems are now available with a 25 year warranty on inverters, power optimizers and solar panels. Talk about peace of mind.
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Internet Based Panel Monitoring

There's no expensive communications gateway to buy. The SolarEdge internet communication gateway is built right in at no additional cost. Just plug the inverter into your router and that's it.
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97.5% CEC Efficiency Rating

The highest 240 Volt single phase inverter efficiency on the planet. Higher efficacy means greater energy harvest for a faster payback and a larger rebate in many states. No micro inverter even comes close.
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